Mestiansky pivovar – Beer worthy of Beer Bike Bratislava

Mestiansky pivovar – Beer worthy of Beer Bike Bratislava

Mestiansky pivovar (brewery) or Burgeois brewery can be found in Bratislava at two addresses. The newly opened hotel is located on Drevená Street and follows the long tradition of the famous brewery “Die Bürgerliche Brauerei”, also known as “Meštiak” (Bourgeois). The second one stands on Dunajská Street.

But in order for the Mestiansky pivovar to be successful and popular among the “regulars”, it was important to brew exceptional beer. “The process of brewing our beer begins with the selection of the highest quality ingredients. Cooking is carried out using the traditional two-mash technology using traditional ingredients: malt, water, hops and yeast, nothing else is added. It is cooked exclusively from the best hops of the Saaz region, the water used for production is filtered and treated. Our beer is a Pilsner type beer, produced by a standard bottom fermentation process, ” says maltster Peter Pramuk.

In addition, proper brewing of beer should also be at the heart of the owners. Mestiansky pivovar can boast such a trio. They did not jump into the beer industry unprepared. For years, they have followed positive stories at home or abroad to build something extraordinary in Bratislava. And according to visitors’ feedback they succeeded. This can be confirmed by ours in Beer Bike Bratislava, where they can entertain themselves thanks to their beer, which they especially like!

Meštiansky pivovar dodáva pivo aj Beer Bike Bratislava

how does the Mestiansky pivovar actually achieve that great taste and quality? In the production of 12-stage beer, the main fermentation takes 8 to 10 days, the fermentation takes 4 weeks. Beer is not filtered or pasteurized, ie it contains live yeast. The beer is forced through sterile nitrogen, that is to say, oxidation is prevented. Since unfiltered beer does not come into contact with oxygen, there is no weathering, which has a positive effect on its quality. As a result, the pleasant hop aroma of the beer is released and its fullness or greater flavor is enhanced.

Today’s gastronomic visitors are looking for something special. Mestiansky pivovar is therefore not only relying on beer. It also boasts a varied cuisine. You can choose from a conservative, classic, honest and hearty home, which is great for a golden beverage. Everything is overseen by his professional eye and clever hands in conjunction with the taste buds chef František Šipoš, who emphasizes the seasonal topicality of some foods or ingredients such as asparagus, mushrooms, game or killing season, which will diversify a stable menu and là carte. Sweet foods, such as ‘šufrle’, also come from Prešporka. Other calories are decades-proven meals such as sirloin in cream, dill sauce with homemade dumplings, roast knuckle or a tasty served beer delicacy or steak tartar with toast.

As we mentioned, beer from the Mestiansky pivovar is also offered to visitors of Beer Bike Bratislava. It is great that these cooperation also works in Slovakia on quality and fair cooperation, which is reflected in the satisfaction of all customers. Cheers! More information about beer bike bratislava can be found on our website or facebook page.