Most epic Birthday party? We have some candidates

Most epic Birthday party? We have some candidates

Each of us wants to organize a party that will be remembered for years. It is ideal for a birthday party. Here we may not always rely on our memory, yet alcohol can do wonders with it. We have looked at several events that have been written about for centuries.

One of the most famous rulers of ancient Babylon, Belshazzar, knew how to party. His fortieth birthday was a wilderness. He invited his 1000 closest people to him who could rely on top service. The first request to the organizers was to prepare gold and silver jars for the invitees of the temple in Jerusalem, which Babylon acquired after his conquest. guess the guests will not drink from something cheap … The party was exuberant, the alcohol flowed and some ladies tops were dropped. The God probably did not like it and sent out a lurking enemy on these celebrating people. And as you would hardly look for a sober and fierce man in there, Belshazzar lost his throne at night…

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Have you been to a cocktail party? Perhaps it was not in the spirit as it was in 1694 in the case of Admiral Russel from the Mediterranean fleet. He took the phrase “drunk as a sailor” really seriously. His birthday party was wild, but we can’t be surprised. He invited 5000 colleagues! The cocktail fountain was so huge that it was said that men who rowed in canoes served as bartenders. Just to give you an idea if you want to overcome Russel by chance. He made his drink for his buddies from 250 gallons of brandy, 125 gallons of wine, 2500 lemons, 1400 pounds of sugar, 20 gallons of lime juice and 5 pounds of nutmeg oil. Serve shaken, mixed or paddled…

Andrew Jackson was not ashamed during his cheese party. Our idea of such a celebration is probably a bit different. You’d expect full trays of quality cheese, maybe two glasses of wine … Well, Jackson didn’t understand it otherwise. In 1836, Colonel S. Meacham, a dairy farmer from New York, donated cheese to the celebration. Pardon, he gave him a gigantic piece of cheese. The diameter was 4 feet and weighed almost 1400 pounds, which corresponds to the weight of the whole cow. US President Jackson let the gift mature in the White House for a year. Just before the end of his term, he urged the public to come to celebrate his birthday at a large reception. And the cheese had no chance to endure.

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Igor Stravinsky’s ‘Les Noches’ birthday party, which premiered in Paris, took place directly on a boat in the Seine river. And it has to be said that it had some well-known names on like Cole Porter, Pablo Picasso, Sara Murphy and Jean Cocteau. The music was taken care of by the famous pianist Marcelle Meyer. Rumor says that no one has finished sailing. More than 1000 liters of champagne was drank, whose price per bottle was higher than the average salary of the average French. What about Stravinsky? He ended up in the river itself after an unsuccessful attempt to jump from boat to boat through a burning wreath…

Speaking of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe will come to mind in addition to political struggles. And in 1962 she sang the most famous birthday song on President’s 45th birthday. And with all the sexapeal she undoubtedly had. Ella Fitzgerald was not ashamed of her. The clothes Marilyn wore during her singing later became literally a hit and long boasted the most expensive attribute in the world. Alcohol couldn’t be missing, of course, but at that time, guests had to watch out for intrusive journalists. They literally counted drinking glasses. So it is no wonder that after years, quite detailed information about what was getting into their body through the nose … Such a white birthday party.

Do you like thematic parties? Maybe you have already been entertained on one of them, surely there are some totally insane here. A birthday party on a particular topic may not be a waste. But if you came to a party of Marie-Héléne de Rothschild, one of the richest women of the 20th century, you might have nightmares for a very long time. At best, you’d just be surprised if you’re on the right planet. So this celebration was really surreal! The guests in December 1972 had to come in extremely eccentric disguises. Therefore, it is no wonder that the invitation did not hesitate a devotee of this entertainment Salvador Dali (not the most sober returning home) and Audrey Hepburn. Dinner tables were covered with freshly pulled fur from animals, food was put on an actor who perfectly played the murdered corpse, and you could toast, for example, with a deer that shed tears from diamonds.

one of a brutal party took place, for example, in the famous studio 54. Of course, not anybody could just get there. But Bianca Jagger is one of the elect who could say, “The birthday party at 54 was unforgettable!” So if we’re talking about her thirty, we have to agree. In 1977, the party was organized by the famous fashion designer Halston, who was in charge of the guest wardrobe, as well as the solemn arrival of the birthday lady. The original idea was that Bianca would introduce herself on a beautiful white horse. The problem, however, was that she was a great lover of animals and simply could not jump on the horse … Fortunately, however, her desire for extravagance overwhelmed her. She looked up the most beautiful man in the hall, she stripped him off and ordered him to take the bridle and guide the horse with her across the room. For a perfect effect, he had to throw gold glitter at her…

How bizarre birthday party in Hollywood can be we go back in 2007 when Nicole Richie organized it. She sent out invitations with clear instructions. Admission only to girls in the best possible shoes and especially below 55 kilograms of their own weight. Start starving now! She probably didn’t expect how seriously some of her colleagues would take it. Seriously … Such a O.C. California star Misscha Burton did not want to be missing there so that she had to be hospitalized when following the second condition. She missed the party, but she made up for everything that year at her own party. She mixed the drinks with the drugs until she was finally able to greet the hospital staff again every morning for several days.

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If you want to say that your birthday party was something special, try to be original! In Slovakia, you often have to deal with choosing a suitable room or the best alcohol, but there is a way too. Believe that you will remember with your friends, family or colleagues for a long time the ride on beer bike Bratislava. More information can be found on our website or facebook.