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Looking for some action in Bratislava?

Beer Bike is hour and a half tour ideal for a you and your friends.

Make your stay in Bratislava unforgettable!

Our Beer Bike is the only one in the Bratislava with Home Brewed Beer! so that you can always cycle with a cold one of the best quality! The beer bike is suitable for groups of people with maximum capacity of 14 people. For larger groups we can manage another beer bike or have swap rides.

Are you a small group wanting to have a ride? No problem, just let us know and share the bike with other group and get to know new friends!

No matter where you go, you also need to plan for food, especially after taking Beer-Complex vitamins! Ask us about a restaurants and we can reserve a table for you or you can have some right on the beer bike!

Bachelor party / Bachelorette party

The time has come, your buddy/girl is ready for their final send off and you get to plan it. Lucky you! No matter whether you have never planned or planned a bachelor or bachelorette party before, you could always use a bit of inspiration.


Stag party

Are you up to a stag party? Looking for some ideas? Well, the boys absolutely must celebrate the stag night! Tired of a pub crawl and strippers? Or just wanna have the best time fill in between?

Your buddies want an unusual and unique stag do, so do not hesitate and book our Beer Bike!

Birthday party

Birthday parties are like road trips: getting there is half the fun! Planning a party for yourself or a friend is easier said than done, right? Looking for some ideas? Well, your people absolutely must celebrate the birthday and you could always use a bit of inspiration!

Girls' night out

You might call it girl’s night out, some call it therapy. You know you’re gonna be legends on our Prosecco Bike! Let’s plan your unique girls’ night out!

City Sightseeing

Discover Bratislava from a bit different exciting perspective.

A fun tour of the city with on-tap beer and chatty barmaid and driver, you’ll be riden around the interesting sights. It’s the perfect opportunity to freshen up your trip, you just hop-on, get to pedals and have a great time with you friends!





Great way to have a toast on board or for some of those non-beer drinkers

Slovakian Snack

Traditional peanut puffs is a great side to your beer


Is there a better combo with beer than a pretzel?

Pirate's hat

Pirate's Hat

Ride like a true pirate with pirate's hat! 🏴‍☠️