Beer Bike Bratislava LOGO

Our Beer Bike

Basic informations

  • You get a driver and a bartender/barmaid to your ride
  • Beer Bike has a specific route in Bratislava old town
  • Ride takes 60 minutes with possibility to extend 30 minutes more
  • We have 1 or 2 toilet breaks during the ride

Before start

  • Pickup point is near Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic 
  • We have 1 or 2 toilet breaks during the ride
  • Follow the rules

Beer Bike Bratislava is a fun ride through the streets of old town of Bratislava with craft beer from local brewers (thanks to Beer Station) or bottles of prosecco.

Up to 14 people can ride while drinking tasty cold fresh beer/prosecco.

Our Beer Bike is equipped with audio system with bluetooth so you can listen and sing your favourite songs! During the whole ride a nice barmaid/bartender serves your beer or prosecco.

Beer Bike Bratislava includes 14 seats (10 of them can pedal and 4 of them can just sit and enjoy the ride)

Beer Bike is a great option to celebrate your Birthday, Teambuilding for companies, bachelor/ette parties, or just for groups of friends enjoying the best local beer.

Enjoy a 60 minutes ride across the old town of Bratislava!





Great way to have a toast on board or for some of those non-beer drinkers

Slovakian Snack

Traditional peanut puffs is a great side to your beer


Is there a better combo with beer than a pretzel?

Pirate's hat

Pirate's Hat

Ride like a true pirate with pirate's hat! 🏴‍☠️