Frequently asked questions


Music playlist in your phone (Bluetooth/Aux) or USB

Own beverages

YES! The Beer Bike has electric pedal assist. You can pedal and even get a little workout, but when you are tired the electric pedal assist will help you.

To see available dates and book your tour, visit our Booking page

There is a maximum capacity of 15 seats.
Seating on the Beer Bike: The Bike has 12 barstool seats, 3 seats on the back and then one person in the middle (bartender standing or often times the middle turns into a dance floor). 12 of the seats have pedals. The guests typically swap seats at each bar stop so everyone gets a turn to pedal and/or not pedal.

Have you ever been to a (fun) party without music? C’mon now! Just bring your phone or MP3 player and we’ll hook it up to our stereo. We have lightning / headphone / aux connections on the bike ready to go or you can try bluetooth as well.
Pro Tip: Create a playlist for your day, or queue up Spotify and plug into our stereo (we’ve got you covered with the hook-ups required and the speakers/stereo).

The TOUR starts at Safarikovo Square and ends at Tyrsak. If you have some special request please let us know before the Tour. You can inform us via Whatsapp or on our email

90 minutes

You can choose to pay in full when you finalize your booking online (Book HERE) or you can also pay right on place before the Ride starts.

All riders must be 18 years or older.

We have a toilet stop on the way. There is no need to pee in public. We can stop near partnering bars and restaurants for additional toilet breaks.

Please arrive on time on the starting location. The time you booked is all yours. There is no problem if you arrive a few minutes late. The more you are late, the shorter your ride is, due to other planned or booked rides and personnel duties, such as bike cleaning, beer cleaning process, personnel working breaks etc.

If Beer Bike Bratislava TEAM judges the weather is subjectively bad enough (thunderstorms, freezing rain, etc), we will notify you at least 2 hours before the tour start time to offer a rain check. You may decide to still go as long as the weather is safe enough to ride. Never assume your ride is canceled.
We ride rain or shine. There is a large roof that overhangs in all directions to protect you from direct rain and we go into bars to dry off. No one likes to get wet when they’re dry, but once you’re wet we can tell you from experience that tours in the rain will often have more fun than not because of how much more ridiculous it makes the experience. Life is what you make of it and a Beer Bike Bratislava tour is no different.
Please dress appropriately for predicted weather conditions.

As far as the pedaling goes, there are 12 sets of pedals. If you look closely you’ll see there are 12 “BarStools” total (6 on each side)

There is a maximum weight of 150 kg for people on the bike seats.

Really, anything can be worn and you’ll be okay, but remember you’re pedaling a bike so consider that when picking out our wardrobe. We do, however, recommend you not wear sandals as they can easily come off while pedaling.

We have radler (beer with Sprite), Prosecco, or non-alcoholic drinks. Please inform us before ride with your specification.

The Beer Bike has backseats, belts and handrails. The maximum speed is 25km/h but we ride about 5km/h on average.
Alcoholic beverages can drink only persons over 18 years of age, due to Slovak laws. We will do a short checkup of ID or passport to prove your age. Please make sure, that everyone in your group is carrying these valid documents.
Please come sober on the starting location. The Beer Bike moves through the city traffic with cars, tramways and pedestrians. In case of serious intoxication, we have the right to cancel your ride due to safety reasons. Do not jump off the bike, throw anything away or behave indecently. If you repeatedly disobey our personnel instructions, we have the right to cancel the ride immediately

Alcoholic beverages are limited to beer on the beer bike. Mixed drinks and hard liquor are not allowed on The Beer Bike Bratislava

Tour comes with our driver. He or She will steer the rolling pub for you, get pictures along the way, keep you fueled and guide you through some of the coolest areas of town. We could not be more proud of the crew.